About Us

Gulf Palms General Trading & Contacting Company (Tissue Culture Palms Centre) has been established in 1991 immediately after the invasion. The nursery had been purchased at Ar Rai and palm offshoots had been imported from Saudi Arabia. They faced some difficulties in importing offshoots of the good varieties so they decided to get sources of American tissue culture laboratories, for supplying Tissue Culture Palms. Offshoots of the excellent and most popular palm varieties of Gulf region were collected and sent to States for micro propagation. Later the agreement had been terminated and all the cultures shifted to Jacques Marionnet, France who appointed Gulf Palms its agent in Kuwait & Saudi Arabia.


            With the passage of time it had been realized that the range of horticulture products must be increased. For this, a farm of 100,000 square metres in Wafrah was purchased; two more nurseries were added to the existing nursery, highly qualified & professional engineers, supervisors, foremen, technicians and workers were recruited & all the horticultural products like fertilizers, peat moss, composts, potting soils, shade nets, decorative pots and plants were started to be imported. Green houses and shade areas were made equipped with the latest growing technologies.


            As a tradition, most of the agricultural companies were importing the plants from abroad. Gulf Palms decided to produce maximum of its production at its farm. Now 90–95% of the production including world's best varieties of fruit plants, trees, shrubs, ground covers, lawn grasses, annuals, perennials & indoor plants with excellent quality are being produced. In 1998–99 Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science announced the farm as the best farm of Kuwait.